Lg.(6 pints) Belmar Spring Ridgewood N.J. Aqua Porcelain Stopper Exc. Condition

This is a very seldom seen bottle from Bergen county N.J., a large 6 pint porcelain stopper bottle, Belmar Spring Water Co. It is over 13" in height and is 17" in circumference. It is in excellent shape, a few small nicks to the porcelain, but the bottle has no real damage. There are a few waves and bubbles near the top of the rim, but I believe this was during the making. You can't feel a mark with your finger. I am being picky, I doubt if you could find one in better shape. The wire is clean of rust and still functions. The writing on the bottle says "Bemar Spring Water Ridgewood N.J. This bottle loaned not sold six pints." I would date this bottle to the early 30's.I start at .99c, have no reserve, and I pay postage. Thanks, Sandy