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This is a " G Scale - #1 Gauge " Train item up for auction




This Tank Car is in "Great Condition" and has not been used much at all! - There are no scraps, dings, scratches or broken pieces on this item whatsoever - And because we have only used this car on a few occasions, we have decided to put it up for sale on eBay - our Loss is your Gain! - We have way too many G scale trains right now, so it's time to thin out the Herd

We bought the Tank Car brand new from Al Kramer at San-Val in Van Nuys, CA many years ago - We installed Kadee Couplers and Metal Wheels so it conformed to the rest of our rolling stock

This is a great looking Train Item that would compliment any layout!

Please look at all (9) photos associated with this item to determine it's condition - e-mail me with any questions

FYI: If you would rather have the Hook & Loop couplers that originally came on this car, we will gladly remove the Kadee Couplers and re-install the Hook & Loops for you - Just let us know before you pay!

* * * * * There is no box for this item * * * * *

But it will be wrapped and packaged perfectly, so no damage will occur during the shipping process

(I guarantee it!)

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