LGB, G Scale, Grizzly Flats RR Open Passenger Cars 2 pk

LGB, G Scale, New, Never Run, Model #30430; replica of the open cars that ran behind Ward Kimball's famous 'Chloe' steamer from an old sugar plantation on his Grizzly Flats Railroad. You are bidding on two cars with LGB figures included. There are 2 packs of figures per car.

These cars have been customized. The factory couplings have been removed and replaced with a link and pin coupling and custom brass draw bar. You will need a pair of tweezers to remove and/or couple the cars and loco. This just seemed to be more in scale for such a small loco and cars. You can also remove and re-install a loop-hook coupler. LGB figures have been tacked in place with a minimal amount of glue. They can be removed if you wish to so. These cars were made for loco #20130 and/or can be used with #22130. See in other auctions.

I have many different makes and models. Unfortunately a layout has never come to be and I have been out of work for some time now. Hope someone else can enjoy. Many more items to be listed over next few weeks. !