LGB Switches Track and Accessories

I have been doing G Scale since 2001 and am selling off my collection. I didn’t accumulate a lot of LGB stuff but here’s a list of what I am selling here: 5 switches, they are the 4-foot diameter: two are 1200 series right hand and three are 1210 left hand; 2 series 1310 90 degree crossings (one without a box); 6 sections series 1500 (5-foot) curve; 2 series 1031 “woodpile” bumpers; 2 series 10007 road crossing inserts (one is displayed in a series 1000 straight section-included). Condition is good to excellent; some of the pieces have tarnish but it has all been used indoors only. Decided to sell it as a lot instead of piecemealing it; feel free to email me with any questions.