This is a beauty. Very finely cut and well conceived pattern. "Ellsmere" is one of the most collectible of the Libbey patterns. Libbey produced some of the finest designs of the Brilliant Period. They produced their own high quality blanks.

As mentioned the blank quality is superior. The cutting is also first class. The glass is crystal clear and brilliant.

The exact cruet or oil is shown in the smaller red catalog (1901-1902) on page 27. The cruet is clearly signed on top of the handle with the saber signature.

The cruet measures 7 1/2 inches tall . It is in good condition with the only thing being the handle has a stress fracture. I bought it and did not even see it somehow. Still a beautiful piece in a highly desirable pattern. It flouresces under blacklight indicating American Brilliant Period (1876-1916).

Each winning item will be carefully packaged for safe delivery. Particulaly fragile items are generally double boxed with packing between the boxes. This is the only method for safe delivery of cut glass. Winners of multiple auctions will receive a shipping discount if not free shipping on the additional items as long as items can be packaged together. Returns are accepted for items not as described. Please notify me within 3 days of receiving your item.

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