LIBER USUALIS Vulgate Latin Liturgy Gregorian Chant 780

Over 11,000 positive feedbacks so bid with total confidence! Check out my other items ! Be sure to add me to your favorites list ! Liber Usualis : The Liber Usualis ("The Usual Book") is the most complete book of chant you can buy for the Tridentine rites. The book contains all of the chant for every feast of the year as well as all special services such as burials, weddings, blessing of Holy Oils, ordinations and benediction. The volume also contains the common chants for the Divine Office and the ordinary chants for the Mass.

Although the traditional music books of the Church (the Graduale Romanum, the Kyriale, the Antiphonarium, etc.) were available separately, it is the Liber Usualis that puts under one cover virtually everything that a Gregorian choir would need in order to chant the Divine Office, including the Holy Mass.

The Ordinary Chants of the Mass are given with the eighteen standard Gregorian Mass settings and the Common Tones of the Mass.
Following are the Ordinary Chants of the Office, with their common tones. For Sundays, the hours of Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, and Compline are given, together with Lauds for Feasts. Since the traditional Breviarium Romanum (Breviary for the Divine Office) is now scare, the Liber Usualis could substantially stand in for private recitation of the
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