Liber Yog-Sothoth SIGNED Necronomicon Occult Grimoire

ULTRA RARE - Liber Yog-Sothoth/ The Book of Yogsothoth SIGNED Necronomicon Occult Grimoire First Edition Quarter-Leather Fine Binding

Limited Edition 1/100 being #46 Signed by the Author

Liber Yog-Sothoth/ The Book of Yogsothoth


John J. Coughlin

Waning Moon Publications, 2007

Mint condition

First Limited Edition ~ One of 100 copies

This being #46, and has been SIGNED by the Author.

Hardcover. Quarter Leather. First Limited Edition of 100 Numbered, Signed & Hand-bound Copies. This is an absolute must-have for anyone into the Necronomicon mythos, or who likes collecting beautifully produced occult grimoires. Liber Yog-Sothoth, or, The Book Of Yog-Sothoth, features the Rite of Yog-Sothoth & the Evocation of Yog-Sothoth, numerous sigils, seals, illustrations, Yuggothic Runes & much more, with text dealing with the Old Ones, their mythos, and their anticipated return. Yog-Sothoth is of course, the Keeper of the Gate, and the Gate itself. Any communion with the Old Ones, must first begin with the evocation of Yog-Sothoth. This book will provide you with what you need, to set out on that journey. But be warned, the Old Ones are not for everyone.

This is a very rare, and finely produced grimoire. It has been hand-bound in black quarter-leather
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