Liberia 2007 solid .999 Gold Coin Goldmask of Agamemnon

You are looking on a scarce new original .999 Gold Coin

from Liberia:


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Obverse: The Mask of Agamemnon

Reverse: National Crest

Numismatic Facts:

Material: pure solid .999 Gold

Condition: proof

Weight: 0.5 Grams

Diameter: 11 mm

Nominal: 10 Dollars

Year: 2007

Issued: Liberia

RARE and highly demanded!

The Goldcoin is new, wunderbar, rare

and comes contained in a plastic Capsule.

Scarce Chance, sold out everyw!

Postage: US$ 11.50 (registered letter)
Paypal verified.

Thank you for your Interest and happy bidding now!