I have put together an incredible collection of fine items that we will begin to offer to ebay all through this month and next. Some incredible pieces as you all know the level we like to have on our site. Please keep an eye out every week for new items I will be listing. This Spring we will honestly blow you away with the fine quality we are offering, at "No" reserves and our consistent $9.99 start to our auction. In no way does this reflect what we have invested in these items .

Now get ready to bid on some of the finest items at no reserves. We offer some amazing pieces that we have spent much time attempting to find all over the world. We know you will love the selection.

we have an extremely Rare and beautiful Art Nouveau Arts and crafts Liberty of England hand hammered copper and brass huge vase or urn. Superb blue enamel heart in the center. This came from a large UK estate some years ago. I have never done anything with it, but it's time to go. This piece is incredible. All hand hammered with superb rivets and fine hammered handles at each side. I would find this piece to be one of the best Arts and crafts pieces on ebay and one that should command a high value. Just amazing. Looks like something one of the Roycroft people would make, but deffinately English. Quite large as well standing 8 1/2" tall with
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