LIBYAN DESERT GLASS - by saharagems - 10.7g GEM quality

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Amazing and unique Desert Glass from the Great Sand Sea (Western Desert of Egypt)

Best quality LDG !

SIZE: The scale cube measures 1 cm.

WEIGHT: 10.7 g - 53.5 ct

QUALITY/COLOR/DESCRIPTION: Very nicely shaped piece. "Cone" shape. Completely translucent GEM quality. Polished by sand and wind.

CONDITION: Not chipped, in perfect condition.

Libyan desert glass, 29 million years ago was probably formed when an asteroid or comet hit the surface of the earth like a huge atomic bomb, unleashing enough destructive force to not only liquefy the rocks, sand and dirt at ground zero, but to splash the molten, mixed material up into the outer atmospheric regions. Perhaps some escaped Earth's gravity altogether; the rest plummeted back in a rain of fire and molten glass. The crater marking the original impact site has not been discovered.

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Most of the specimens personally collected.

Some purchased from different meteorite and mineral exhibitions.

100 % authenticity guaranteed !

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