License Plate, Pennsylvania, Coat of Arms, Horses+++

1776 - 1976 Front Centennial License Plate. Plate is made out of "Peuter". The plate ways more than 1 1/2 pounds and is 1/2" thick. It is the same size of a license plate and will mount on your car. Virtue, Liberty and Independence. This is the state motto of Pennsyvania. 2 horses, eagle, ship (similar to Mayflower), plow and 3 medals of honor). The plate is too heavy to send 1st class, so it will come in a padded flat rate envelope. If you are combining shipment, I may be able to get 1 or 2 other plates in the envelope. Shipping is $5 to the U.S. and $13 to Canada and $15 for international. To find out more about this plate google "Virtue, Liberty and Independence". Very nice plate!

About My Ebay Site : I try to specialize in 2 things: 1. A good selection of 50 states. 2. A good percentage of graphics plates. Besides these, I try to list a few unusual plates, environmental plates, vanities, some older plates and a few foreign plates. I also try to list some a wide array of quality so that there is a good selection of not only types but price ranges. So for the new collector, for the person using plates for art, or for the serious collector, I do try to give something for everyone. And I make it a point to reduce shipping per plate to a bare minimum for you—so hence I try to make my site a 1 stop shop for many of you. If you

Attention : New for 2011 : I send all my mail with USPS. In January 2011, the post office added new padded flat rate envelopes . I can get 5-6 license plates in an envelope for $5 U.S ., $13 for Canada , and $15 for International orders. If plates are smaller or flat I can get up to 8 plates. Cheaper and safer with padding! This can really save you shipping $$$!! However, if the plate is longer than 12”, like most older plates (1950s and older), these plates will have to be sent separately, or in a flat rate box. So I can’t combine shipping for them.

You can also see my other items on ebay (1. Go to the top to the right of Search and Hit ADVANCED SEARCH. 2. Go the left and hit “By Seller”. 3. Put Seller’s ID in: lpgolfer619). You will see all my items and if you buy bulk, you can get your shipping costs to about 30 some cents per plate. Minimal handling on international orders.

Additional Note for Bulk Customers : I love to save you shipping dollars, but I want to ask you a favor. Please leave a note and send me at least one email when you are ready for me to ship your items. Communication is what I need to get your plates delivered ASAP to you. So notify me, and expect an email back. My response back is your confirmation that your plates will be sent.

Attention Collectors : Do you collect a certain type of plate? State? Year? Type (Dealer, Handicap, etc.)? Certain numbering? Email me what you collect and your email address. I will keep an eye open, and email you when I find something, and I will try to list it for you .

I hope all of you have a great 2011! Thanks for coming to my site! Hope you have some winning bids!

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