Liddle Kiddle Windy Fliddle Doll with Scarf, Ariplane and Helmet

Style #3514 Mattel Little Kiddles Windy Fliddle Doll (1967) - Windy Fliddle pilot has short light blonde, rooted hair with bangs and big blue eyes. She's wearing a navy one piece flight suit with a pink striped felt scarf, and yellow plastic helmet!

Her airplane is yellow and red plastic with black wheels and red propeller. Propeller and wheels spin. Mattel and Liddle Kiddles are marked on the wings.

Windy is missing one shoe! Also missing: blue goggles, two paper travel brochures, comb and brush, and book with Windy, Freezy, Rolly and Soapy on the cover.

You can see the wire between the thumb and finger on her right hand. Wire skeletons inside the vinyl bodies enabled them to be posed and re-posed realistically.

See photos as they are part of the description.