Lie-Nielsen Bronze Beading Tool

The Beading Tool derives from a Stanley No. 66. It has a polished cast Bronze body, curved and straight fences, and Brass blade es with seven hardened, double-ended A-2 Tool Steel blades (5/8" (1.58cm)wide) which will make 14 standard shapes. Also included are 1/8" (3.17mm) and 1/4" (6.35mm) routers, and two blanks (not hardened) that can be worked with files to make your own shapes. This makes quick work of reproducing small pieces of moulding for repair or restoration. Comes with the original box, rust preventative paper, packaging and Lie-nielsen instruction care leaflet. I have only used a couple of the blades a few times, in a couple of one metre lengths of oak. Cuts and shapes well. There is no buy it now price. I will not end the auction early. Paypal or cash on collection. I will ONLY sell and arrange delivery to UK mainland bidders. A simple efficient method of cutting beads and flutes into wood. By the time you've set the router up, the bead is cut.� and thank you for your interest