Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Large scraper scraping plane #112

is a pre-production #112 large scraping plane. Receipt is dated 4/10/98. Instructions from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks are dated 4/5/98. So my order was only 5 days after the instructions were written! This plane wasn't offered in their catalogs until approximately 6 months later (Fall 1999) - see my other auction for proof. Back in early 1998 LN was offereing a pre-production plane to a limited number of people. I was one of those and this plane has sat in my shop ever since. This plane is from one of the first casting runs for this plane.
Back in 1998 LN offered a choice of oil finish or varnish on the cherry plane handles. I have both sets for this plane!! Both are included if auction goes over $175 - otherwise you can have your choice. Oil finish are on the plane. Blade has never been sharpened. I have used this plane for about 5 minutes total, just trying it out. T are a few tiny spots of surface rust - hard to see, almost impossible to photograph. The blade is the worst - small area of rust near the top - front edge. Couple of very small scratches on the sole that you would expect to see with use.
also included is a LN paper bag. If my memory is correct, this plane came in a plain cardboard box which I did not keep. All my other LNs came in boxes specific to that plane and all those are present and accounted for. Like I
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