Life Begins for Andy Hardy Lobby Card TC Judy Garland

This auction is for an original 1941 Title Card from the film Life Begins for Andy Hardy. This card is in excellent condition. I have provided a photo and couple of scans so you can see the condition more clearly.

Life Begins TC is one of the more collectable cards from the Andy Hardy series. Seems that t are more Judy Garland collectors than Andy Hardy collectors out t

This is a wonderful piece that I have had for years. Please note t are 2 pinholes on the top. Other than that this card is the best one you will ever find. I have been collecting AH stuff for years and have not seen many cards in better condition.

If you are an Andy Hardy collector, I have some other listings for you to check out this week. I am auctioning off 8 movie heralds from the series and an assortment of glass slides as well.

Please check my other auctions for a complete set of AH lobby cards in the original envelope. (Sorry to some, it is Blonde Trouble that does not feature JG).

Thanks for bidding. I hope this material gets into the hands of someone that has gotten enjoyment from the wonderful MGM film series with Mickey Rooney.

One other note: I am willing to pay top dollar for a very fine to mint Title Card for any of these movies: Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever, and Love Finds
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