Life-Like N Gauge #7750 - Erie Lackawanna #6331 F-7 Loco - Runs w/Lights - st25

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Life-Like N Gauge #7750

Erie Lackawanna #6331 F-7 Locomotive - Runs with Lights

This auction is for an N gauge Erie Lackawanna F-7 Locomotive manufactured by Life-Like.

As seen in the photos, signs of moderate to heavy use are visible. During testing, the engine ran fairly smoothly in both directions with working lights. It has been in storage so a complete service and lubrication is advised in order to achieve peak performance.

The case is in good condition, but it is labeled for a B&O locomotive. It is likely this was originally a B&O locomotive that was changed to Erie Lackawanna by the original collector.

Please see the video of the test run below.

Enjoy the show!

SHIPPING SPECIFICATIONS Length: 12" Width: 9" Height: 4" Shipping Weight: 1 lb. (454 g)
Please wait for your invoice to receive the lowest possible shipping rate! Please view the photos to appreciate this listing. I have tried to accurately describe all of the positives and blemishes for this listing through the photos and written description. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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