Life Like Racing Champion Speedway 600 HO Slot Cars and Track 95 pieces + 2 cars

First off, this is not a complete set, I'm sorry to say. I picked this up at a sale and it is missing the power pack, controllers and the controller track. All of the rest is there though. So this is for the serious slot car racers who need extra track and other accessories and slot cars.
This track is in the best condition that I have seen in a long time. Only three pieces have the center tab broken. Two of those still have a piece underneath that another piece with the center hook tab can attach to the one that is broken and still be connected.
This is a Life Like Racing HO Scale Electric Slot Racing Champion Speedway 600 officially license by NASCAR Made in China for the Division of Wm. K. Walthers, Inc
Over 42 Feet of Track Set Up Size 8' x 44'
Caution-Electric Toy: not recommended for children under 8 years of age.
MAX-TRAXX TECHNOLOGY *Maximum Traction! -Improved Tire Profile for Gripping Track -Traction Magnets for Corner Speed
*MAXIMUM HANDLING! -Micro-Balanced Axle for a Smooth Ride -Center Magnets for Overall Control
*MAXIMUM SPEED! -Custom Armature for Horsepower -Precision Winding for Acceleration
2 Dangerous Crossover Tracks! Over and Under Action! Elevated Curves! Awesome Straightaways! Extreme Curves!
Assembly instructions #433-9066 10-25-2007
Slot Cars--Fast
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