Life Magazine April 14 1941 Battle of Atlantic

Life Magazine

April 14th, 1941

116 pages

No label on the cover

Articles Include:

Cover - New York

Speaking of Pictures - These are Feininger's shadowgrams

LIFE's Reports - Nebraska diplomat in Paraguay - Findley Howard

US uses first force to win bloodless victory in Battle of the Atlantic

These are 45 of the 69 German, Italian and Danish ships siezed by US government

New strike battle brings threat of federal action - International Harvester

Battle of Cape Matapan - British Navy wins biggest naval battle of the war (artistic pictures)

British war prisoners - English officer sketches life inside one german prison camp

Aviation - Cadet flyers show their wings to defense film star Veronica Lake

"I Fly Bombers to Britain" by an American pilot

Medicine - Childhood diseases slow Army air corps training program at Chanute Field

Art - Nebraska launches big US art show with fine display of living tableaux

Highest paid sportswriter - Bill Cunningham

Theater - Watch on the Rhine

Photographic Essay - New York - a big spectacle in big pictures

Close-Up - Darryl Zanuck: last of the Wonder Boys

LIFE goes to a South Sea Islands Ball at Georgia Tech

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