LIFE Magazine BOUND 8 Volumes 104 Issues Rare Advertising 1950s ads Buick Ford

Life Magazine Bound in 8 Volumes 104 issues! EACH VOLUME has 3 months of the weekly magazine with thousands of ads in each volume . YOU ARE BUYING YOUR CHOICE of ONE VOLUME- 8 volumes available! Nearly untouched Since the 1950s (Includes issues from years 1951, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956). They have been hidden away in a safe dry environment and seldom touched inside a college Library. There are thousands and thousands of ads that sell from $10-$50 each. If you sold the ads separately you would make Thousands! The ads are crisp and the binding is tight. The JFK issue goes for $150 just for that one issue!! The 50s were known as the age of advertising and these prove it. There are rare concept chevy ads, coke ads, gun ads, Presidents Eisenhower, Taft and friends, Truman, and Senator JOHN F. Kennedy’s wedding!!!! The celebrities are many and include Judy Garland, Rock Hudson, John Wayne, MARILYN MONROE in her white blown up dress and 10 plus other rare pics of her lots more Celebrities of the 1950s too! My fav ads were the christmas issues and the rare automobile, tobacco and liquor from 1950s christmas. There are ads saying beer was the drink of moderation, and ads saying how smoking is not a health risk and certain brands won’t burn your throat. There are thousands of these ads regular and christmas. Step back in time, add to your collection, ... read more