Life Magazine July 1950-December 1951 (6 issues) #6456

July 17, 1950: US pilot after shooting down a yak. War by jet and by GI. The strange case of the circus arsonist. An 11-year-old girl is made a saint.

August 14, 1950. "Uncle John" Hoskins, naval air boss in far east. Communists wage war on two fronts. Belgium's king agrees to quit.

August 28, 1950: Dougles MacArthur, a new portrait. Lessons from combat. US civil defense lags. The brave men of No Name Ridge.

October 30, 1950: First-Night Fashions, Faye Emerson. Churchill's memoirs: Face to face with Stalin. Hard-hitting UN troops wind up war.

March 19, 1951: Navy Couple. Marines come home from the front. Truman becomes Key West's top tourist. Ambassador arrives in Madrid.

December 24, 1951: The Holy Family. Tintoretto's Life of Christ. Synagogue bombing frightens Miami. The plight of the holy places.