Life Magazine Picnic Time July 15 1940 Very Good

For the rest of my 480 or so Life Magazines I have revised the way I will be listing them. In the title I will state whether they are in excellent, very good, good, or fair condition. Excellent will mean that if t is any damage it is very minor. The pages are all intact, the cover still has some glossiness to it. The binding is good and t are no tears larger than 1/8". No stains etc. Basically excellent is a very nice one that I don't see any problems worth mentioning. Very good may have a small tear, 1/2" or less. Some small rubbing or maybe a little looser. But no stains etc. Good may have some foxing, a little staining, maybe a loose page or two but not heavily torn, maybe some fraying on some pages but not terrible. These will probably apply to the ones after 1941 when they used different paper that didnt hold up as well. Fair will be for those that probably aren't as good for collecting but maybe just for articles or ads.....a piece of history to look through. They are not horrible but I would not like to say they are great. Hopefully this system will keep me from going crazy:) and help you decide if you want to spend your hard earned money on them. If it is a magazine that I know a lot of people like to collect I will try to be more specific. I hope overall I am being more picky and conservative with my grading and hopefully

For Purchases of 5 or more magazines in one transaction I will give a 30% discount and it still comes with free shipping!!!!! As far as shipping goes I love these magazines and it would upset me to hear that they were damaged in shipping. I try my best to think of worse case scenarios to keep that from happening. First I put you magazine in a plastic sleeve. Then I wrap bubble wrap around it but not too tightly. Then I use 2-3 manilla folders to create a protective shell. Finally I put them in a priority water proof envelope. I ship them all priority. I feel priority is a better deal. For a little more that parcel post you get them faster and they have less of a chance or being thrown around for several days. I also put a confirmation on each package. You may also add shipping insurance if you wish for 1.70...this may be good for multiple purchases. I will be listing this over a couple more weeks so if you want to wait to pay to watch more auctions than just let me know in a message so I will be prepared to send you a revised invoice and so I can keep your winning bids out of the resolution center. Free shipping is only for U.S.

I hope I have covered all bases. I hope you love your purchase and enjoy looking through it. I really love these...especially the older is like holding history in your hand. They make great gifts for older people to remember times before and for people who love old ads and things like that. Thanks for shopping!!

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