My lifetime collection of 10000+cards and Memorabilia! Shipping Discount! HUGE!

I have decided to sell all of my sports cards and sports memorabilia! The beckett book value of all of these items has to be in the thousands so Im hoping it does well. This collection includes lots of complete sets(some might have seal broken),Nfl authentic jerseys,autographs cards,Buffalo Bills from Super Bowl era ,old Roger Clemens pop-up card , Joe Montana, Tom Brady,Thurman Munson ,Manny and others, plaques,some old uncut sheets of cards, old baseball pins,Starting lineups still in package and figurines like Barry Bonds,tons of unopened wax packs,4 binders of cards,cooperstown mini bat,books like Montana biography and others,Rookies,Jersey Cards,some unsearched boxes of cards and HUNDREDS of my favorite star and valuable players in hard plastic protectors. There has to be alot of valuable rookies in this collection. Players that I collected alot of are Barry Bonds,Ken Griffey Jr.,Nolan Ryan, Joe Montana,Roger Clemens, and you will also have Namath, Staubaugh, O.J. Simpson,Marino.Elway,Waltor Payton,Emmitt Smith,Barry Sanders,Jerry Rice,TomBrady,RG3,Dieon,Mcgwire,Bo,Manny,Gretsky,Irvin,Aikman,LeMieux,Crosby,Ovechkin,Sosa,Miller,Howe,Jagr,Jordan,Magic,Bird,Shaq,Pippen,Stockon,Olajuwon,Ewing,Thomas,Boggs,Carl Yaz and so many other greats obviously I cant list them all. If I didnt name your favorite player he is probably in there ... read more