Lifetime Collection Card Memorabilia Lot Rod Woodson Steelers Autographs, PSA

For sale is my personal collection of Rod Woodson cards andmemorabilia. He was one of my favorites growing up and I have been assembling this collection over the last 20 years. My plans were to eventually put much of this on display in some sort of man cave one day but that never really developed fully. Along with that I am not able to stay up on many of the newer releases of cards/ect since his HOF induction and have slowed down a lot in regards to how much time and money I invest into chasing the missing pieces to this collection. So that being said I'm looking to find it a new home, hopefully to another Woodson and/or Steelers fan. Below I will provide a very complete list of each piece of memorabilia and card pictured/included, making the higher value and more scarce items Red in color if you would rather just skip to those. The graded rookies in this collection are enough in value to cover the cost I am asking so this is really a chance to pick up a one of a kind collection for a fraction of what it costed me to build it. Please read and enjoy. If you would like a more detailed pic/scan of a particular item/card please message me. Also please try to be reasonable in regards to that as I will be packing this ahead of time to ensure prompt shipping. Scanning a card here or there is fine but the top 100 would be very tedious.

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