LIFETIME OF MEMORIES Jersey Inserts Rc Serial # Lot

Welcome to the Lifetime of Memories $18.95 Sportscard Lots 7 free bonus items Lifetime of Memories auction/ $18.95 Per Lot My baseball,football,basketball card collection consist of: Jersey cards, Autograph cards ,vintage cards, rookies, star cards, inserts,psa,bgs graded cards,refractors,low serial # cards,game used,1 of 1 cards and alot more. Enter below how many lots that you wish to purchase. All cards will come sleeved or in toploaders. I have enclosed many photos. is what you will receive: Each lot is $18.95 and you will receive 20 cards per lot from my 50,000 sportscard collection.My sportscard collection ranges in years from 1950 - 2007. Everyone that bids will also receive all the 7 free bonus items stated below plus your 20 cards per lot I will choose these lots from my 50,000 sportscard collection and t will be alot of great cards going out and i am looking for repeat customers and nothing will be held back. These lots will be going fast and i want to thank all my previous bidders that have left positive feedback for this auction. This is really a great bargain and its a great way to pick up some great cards. No other dutch auction will give you this many bonus items for this price. Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus are your 7 free bonus items 4 unopened packs + 1 game used card + 1 michael jordan card +1 cal ripken ... read more