Light-up accurate Green Lantern Movie Ring Replica

Up for auction is an extremely accurate replica of the Green Lantern ring from the upcoming movie. Truly the most accurate and most awesome ring available.
The ring is made with a glass gem, clear green resin, and a steel/bronze ring band includes a light kit to display with the ring and is ready to go!
Each ring of mine is unique and assembled by me, by hand, here in Baltimore and is available on a very limited run.
Your choice of ring size, 8-15 though because of the wide band these do run about 1/2 to a full size small and I've had some complaints of sizing, so please order larger if you are concerned.
Since you can choose your own size, you won't receive the exact ring pictured but one of the same style and features.
These rings include a lighting kit that fits inside the fingerhole of the ring so that you can display it in all it's glory. Some have had luck by ordering a ring a few sizing larger in order to wear the ring with the lighting kit in place, but no guarantees. I wear a size 10 or 11 band, and wear a size 13 lightup version
Get one now, still 4 months before the movie comes out!
Thanks to my rpf friends for the photos.

again, to be clear: The ring definitely lights up on display when not on your finger using the lighting module which is supplied and fits inside the spot where your

Though I wear my ring everywhere I go, the ring is meant for display purposes only.
Please feel free to ask questions.
This ring is a custom fan creation and I am not affiliated with Warner Brothers nor DC Comics.
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