BEAUTIFUL LIME GREEN demijohn, Applied collar, likely Liquor, near perfect.

Offered here is a gorgeous piece of glass. I cannot be sure of it's vintage, it is made in the style of the 19th century but there is some doubt that it is that old. I also do not know where it was made. With that being said, here is the description. Take a close look at the pictures and decide what it's worth to you. I can tell you the pictures don't really do it justice, especially the color. It's crude, bubbly, more crude and a gorgeous color.

It stands 12 1/2" tall, is almost 6" in diameter, would hold about a gallon, the side seams are very heavy and there appears to be no damage at all. I cannot find one condition issue. There are a few, small potstones but with no "legs" or radiating cracks. If you are into large, colorful glass ware then, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!

NOTE: Because of the size, this one will be reletively expensive to mail.