Limited Edition 1956 Lincoln Convertible from Danbury Mint - Missing Parts

Up for bid is a Limit ed Ed ition 1956 Lincoln Premier Convertible diecast from Danbury Mint . As one of the more recent issues from D anbury Mint this diecast is pure quality and packed with features and details found on few other 1/24 scale diecast cars. . Some of the details this diecast offers are a functioning suspension. a fully wired and plumbed engine bay with real spring supported scissor hinges, a fuel filler door that opens, front seats that fold forward, and movable sun visors.
Unfortu nately, as the titl e of this listing states, there are some missing parts and there are a few condition issues.
The top is missing. It's n owhere to be found.
The "glass" in the passenger side vent window is gone.
The "Premie r" script is missing from the right rear fender an d part of that script on the left rear fender has broken off and been lost.
The "C" on the "Lincoln" hood script is also gone.
Still, all of the little chrome pieces; hood ornament, door handles, mirrors, chrome trim and bumpers are intact and undamaged as is the suspension, chassis, and engine compartment. The paint is in perfect shape with no ch ips or scrat ches.
The original packaging is included, however there is no original paperwork. The outer white box has some wear, the s tyrof oam pod is in goo d condition.
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