LIMITED EDITION Giuseppe Armani 2003 Figurine of the Year - "New Friends" 1653C


For your consideration is a limited edition Giuseppe Armani figurine from 2003. It was released as part of the Florence Studios Figurine of the Year series. It is entitled “New Friends”. It was retired after 2003 and is no longer available in any form. The base of the figurine is signed. Giuseppe Armani figurines have been infused with breathtaking realism and with a spark of life. This continues to amaze his many admirers all over the world. Giuseppe Armani passed away suddenly on October 6, 2006 of a massive stroke. The magnificent creations of his imagination live after him in the gallery of sculptures he left.

In 1973, Florence Studio was established. The studio started its activity as an artisan group. It was in 1980 when the first collection of Giuseppe Armani was introduced. The “Figurine of the Year” was first introduced in 1993. The Florence Studios has closed in Italy. Figurines are now only available on the secondary market.

To clean Armani figurines, used soft, clean, and dry brush. You can also use a slightly moist cloth and gently wipe dry. For close areas of the figurine, uses make-up brush or small new paint brush to brush away dust. On smudges, an eraser will do in cleaning the Armani figurines.

This authentic Florence Studios Giuseppe Armani sculpture comes complete
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