Vernon Kerr resides on the rugged northern coast of California, among the redwoods. In the historic village of Mendocino he has built his dream studio-gallery, complete with a panoramic view of the ocean. He is a prodigious worker and believes that "first one must learn how to see before learning to paint." Nature has been his greatest teacher. With dedication and fortitude he is at work seeking the truth. Whether he's working with the brilliance of sun colors, the diffused sunset or staccato grays, the viewer can't help but see the genius of Vernon Kerr's expression on canvas.

Born in Bellevue, Pennsylvania, he moved to California at the age of five. Since early childhood, drawing and painting have been Kerr's constant interest. When Vernon was fifteen, his father, an architect, recognized his son's talent and obtained an art teacher. His study began in Hollywood, California, under Leon Franks, where he learned to paint portraits, florals, and still life. It was also during his teen years that he was awarded a scholarship at the Los Angeles Art Center. Compelled to the sea, Vernon Kerr joined the Navy at nineteen and became a Navy illustrator. Stationed in Japan he took the opportunity to study Japanese techniques in art, some of which he uses in his paintings today.

Vernon Kerr's interest in nature moved him northward
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