Limited Mitshubishi Uni Innovative 240 color Pencil Set

Uni Special 240color LIMITED EDITION

The 50th birth anniversary model of Japan

High-level Mitsubishi Uni pencil

100% brand new, authentic, unique and super diversity,,,,

The 50th birth anniversary model of Japan High-level pencil Mitsubishi Uni

This time I have uploaded a very Unique, gorgeous, diversity of color and High quality pencil. It is not possible to find any other place in the world.

When Mitsubishi first showed me this pencil set box, I was enthralled by the super attractive wooden and aluminum box. I had never seen such an attractive pencil set box. It defiantly caught my eyes on it. I was curious to know why this set is so expensive. To my curiosity, they specially explained me about the very special artistic color set. I also agreed on it that, only artists can understand the specialty of this color set, ordinary person cannot understand. I was also unaware about it. Mitsubishi made this pencil set specially for the artists and each pencil in it is very expensive. Many special artists pay huge sum of money for the Mitsubishi pencil which clearly gives us the idea of the expensive Color set!!!

This pencil box contains all of the traditional Japanese color and a lot of special soft color is available which is necessary to draw the special natural art and shades. in
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