A striking if unusually fun lot of two Limoges porcelain boxes.

The Croissant has been made and hand painted by Chamart and is marked on the lid.

A coffee cup and saucer has been hand painted on the interior and it comes with its original gift box.

It has a flower as a hinge catch and the piece measures 10cm approx.

The Large Garlic measures 6cm is has been hand painted by JD who I believe painted for Rochard.

The design and attention to detail is outstanding and the box carries the painters mark on the interior

Both boxes are in great condition with no chips or damage to the delicate porcelain.

The croissant closing catch is slightly misshapen and the hinge is offline which means the clasp does not close tightly.

The clasp on the garlic, however, is in perfect condition and carries a basket of flowers as its design.

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