Lincoln Farm Association - Honorary Member Certificate

This is an Honorary Member Certificate in the Lincoln Farm Association. It was issued on May 20, 1907. It was printed by the New York Bank Note Company. Apparently when you visited this site, and probably donated some amount of money, you received this document. Very nicely done with a prominent top center vignette of Pres. Lincoln, flanked by the homestead w he was born and the White House opposite. Two flags are draped at the corners. It also has an official looking seal in the bottom center. A very nice piece of Americana. This has been shrink wrapped, but it is free in its enclosure. It is NOT taped or attached to the backer board. It will be shipped flat. The lighter top couple inches is from the scanner. It was scanned in 2 passes and the scans pieced together. T is no color difference as it appears in the merged scan.