Lincoln Wheat Penny Hoard 175 Uncirculated 1940's to 1950's HDW-1 EM232

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We bought a 50 year hoard of 250,000 Uncirculated wheat pennies. Here is

If they were professionally graded, they would be worth a fortune. Enjoy!

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We run a busy high volume coin and jewelry store with fresh material coming in every day. We have two veteran Numismatists who are "Qualified" old school graders, and buy a lot of collector and investment quality Coins, Diamonds and Jewelry. We buy off the street, from private collectors and attend several major and minor coin shows throughout the country. We are always looking for nice good looking treasures.
We have been serving this market - a hobby and industry we love - since 1973, and have attended all the professional grading and counterfeit programs throughout the years. Our grading is quite conservative after "seeing" literally millions of coins. So you can buy here with confidence knowing we call it like it is.
We'll make sure your experience with us is an enjoyable one. If you want to see who we are, check out our videos here or on You Tube. We had a lot of fun making them.

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