Linda Ronstadt Amphitheatre 76 Michael Botts Staff Badge and Luggage Tag

Item Description

Staff badge and luggage tags for Michael Botts (drummer for Linda Ronstadt and Bread) to Linda Ronstadt's Universal Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, CA) Nov 3, 1976, "Hasten Down the Wind" Tour. This item comes directly from his family in Sacramento, CA who is selling some of his memorabilia for donation to cancer research.

Written Authenticity Provided

Concert Summary

Linda Ronstadt - vocals
Kenny Edwards - bass, vocals, harp
Andrew Gold - guitar, vocals
Waddy Wachtell - guitar, vocals
Michael Botts - drums
Brock Walsh - keyboards
Dan Dugmore - pedal steel guitar, guitar, harmonica

Michael G. Botts (December 8, 1944 – December 9, 2005) wasthe drummer of 1970s soft rock band Bread and a studio musician.

Born in Oakland, California, Botts grew up in nearby Antioch before moving to Sacramento. While in college, he began playing with a band called The Travellers Three and working as a studio musician. Eventually, the group disbanded, but not before recording some songs with producer David Gates.

While working with Bill Medley, Botts was invited to join Gates's band, Bread, for its second album. He accepted the offer and worked as a full-time member of Bread from 1970 to 1973, when the band went on hiatus. At that point, Botts began working
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