THE LINDBERG LINE - CAMERO - No.9 in the series - gold

THE LINDBERG LINE - CAMERO - No.9 in the series - gold
*NOTE: There is no year printed or stamped on the car, but the Lindberg Line offered this model from 1968 - 1970. This car has red racing stripes and #1 stickers on the hood and both doors.*
Below is what I could find on the vehicles:
The Lindberg Line, which had been making model kits of cars, trucks, airplanes, and the like for several years, introduced a new line to compete with Matchbox and especially Mattel's new cars. They called these realistic little vehicles Mini-Lindys. Mini-Lindys came in a tiny, black box and were basically plastic model kits, roughly the size of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars which snapped together and were fastened with two screws in the base. They had rubber tires and metal axles. (This information is from a "Diecast Destination" newsletter)

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