LINDEN West Germany Alarm Clock Ornate Gold Works



Up for bid is this very nice, gold tone, Linden alarm clock, made in West Germany. This clock is a brass gold tone with 2 ball feet. The clock is approx. 2 3/4" in diameter and 4" tall to the top of the little handle. This clock keeps time and after testing it the alarm works too..It is a wind up alarm clock no electric.

The face of the clock has roman numerals and each hour has a tourquise blue dot over the # i believe to indicate the exact hour. It is marked on the front below the 12th hour, "LINDEN" and on the bottom edge under the 6th hour it says " West Germany". Around the outside t is a beautiful scrolled design that goes totally around the clock.. this is just beautiful and has no damage to it that i can see. This nice alarm clock can be yours for a low bid.. good luck and happy bidding.