Linden" Westminster clock (Tempus-Fugit-Face) Works!!!

is a beautiful "Linden" With the famous Tempus-Fugit-Face! It has a solid wood arched top that is unique and can be placed on a shelf, mantle etc. or can be hung proudly anyw It plays 4/4 Westminster Chime. It plays on each quarter hour and then strikes the full hour. The movement is a spring driven eight day key wind style. It does include the key! It has a very smooth and soft chime that sounds very pleasant. It keeps good-time and is in very nice shape. It's very clean and looks very well maintained. I was very fortunate finding this very rare treasure. I found this and some other clocks, movements and parts (which I will be listing soon) at a very prestigious Clock-C0. It has been in business for over 25 years. Due to the fact that the owner was very elderly and had some health problems, it was decided to close the store. I bought these clocks, movements, and parts from the owner and will be selling them (As-Is). However, this clock looks to be in good-condition. I believe this clock was serviced and then for one reason or another it was never picked back up. I've actually heard, that this is a very common accurance. Sometimes the cost of a clock being serviced: (Parts and Labor) can be hundreds of dollars and they end up laying on a shelf for a couple of years. What a horrible waste of such a wonderful and beautiful clock.

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