Up for auction is a linsey woolsey chair pad. Linsey woolsey is a coarse woven fabric, with a linen warp and a woolen weft. It is a very early textile, and was an important fabric in Colonial America due to the relative scarcity of wool in the colonies. I do not know when this chair pad was made, but it definitely was made from a fragment of antique linsey woolsey. The back of the chair pad is a brown wool, and the batting inside feels like cotton (definitely not polyester). The close-up pictures show the truer colors of the chair pad, but the chair pad is not quite as dark. The color of the linsey woolsey is a scarlet red (not pinkish as shown in the first picture), and the wool fabric on the back is a nice, warm brown. The linsey woolsey is beautifully hand-quilted, 5 stitches to the inch. The chair pad measures ~16" across the top, ~19" across the bottom, ~14" on each side, and ~1" thick. It sits freely on a chair, and has no ties. The chair pad is in lovely condition, with no wear or tears of any kind. Thanks for looking.