Lion King 10th Anniversary Watch Sculpture Coin COA New

Rare 10th Anniversary Pride Rock Watch, Sculpture, and Coin
"Unopened - New in the Box", Limited Edition of only 1000

Disney TimeWorks has come up with some very unusual watches over the years to celebrate the anniversaries of Disney's classic animations but this is one of the most impressive. "The Lion King" is one of the highest-grossing films of all time and is the highest-grossing film in Disney history so to celebrate the 10 year anniversary Disney artist captured the memoriable sceen of Simba as a baby being presented on Pride Rock by Rafiki. Only in this sculpture Simba is on a watch. The watch can be removed and worn or placed back in Rafiki's hands for safe keeping. The statue comes with a small hidden compartment on the side where the Certificate of Authenticity is kept. The certificate is engraved on a large coin with the emblem on the other side. Only 1000 of these were made and each one was numbered and engraved on the back of the watch. The statue is approximately 8in. by 6in by 6in and the watch face is approximately 1 inch in diameter. The watch is unisex and comes with a full warranty from Disney Timeworks. Note - Unless requested otherwise we will replace the battery in the watch with a fresh one before shipping.

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