lion tooth pendant

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lion tooth pendant

lion's tooth pendant form Ethiopia

African Lion Tooth Silver Cap Pendant the teeth is about 2" to .5 in length. From Ethiopia Beautiful very clean pendant to add to any jewelry or just to be worn alone I just got this good luck ,The tribal peoples of Africa love to decorate their bodies with a variety of body paint, scarification, animal fat, red ocher or mud and occasionally with tattoos as seen with the Ethiopian Coptic Christians. The men and women of Africa adorn themselves with elaborate beads and jewelry which are not only worn as adornments but which also symbolize achievements and status, age and marital status, reflect beliefs and values, have ritual and ceremonial meaning and which offer protection against evil and/or disease The lion is the largest carnivore in Africa. Lions have 30 teeth, including four large pointed canine teeth which are used to hold and kill it's prey. Lion teeth are symbols of rank, leadership and power in traditional African cultures whose chiefs, kings and high status male leaders wear necklaces of large lion teeth to symbolize their rank and authority in society. Lions teeth have very strong medicine and should be handled and worn with much respect.

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