Lionel No. 1024 Two Hand Controlled Switches 1 right and 1 left made 1946 - 1952

This is for 2 Lionel No. 1024 Hand Operated Switches 1 right hand and 1 left hand. Both are missing the directional flags but those are always missing and are easy enough to replace. These 2 switches were made from 1946 to 1952 then the N0. 1022 switch took over in 1953. These 2 switches are in great condition, very little to no rust. Both switches work great look at the pictures and you can see that I have moved the switch handle to several different locations to show freedom of movement. You can look at the pictures and judge for yourself. I have included a lot of pictures in very high resolution so that you can see all of the identifying marks that are talked about on several of the search sites. I am basing my conclusions on ( ) they have more information that any of the others. This car came with several other Lionel items that have been in a climate controlled storage unit for over 35 years until I bought it at auction a while back. I will be listing all of what I have remaining over the next few weeks.