Rare Lionel 11737 TCA ABA Set Plus 9 Passenger Cars

Presented for auction is the stunning and extremely rare Lionel 11737 TCA 40th Anniversary ABA Diesel Set and all 9 of the TCA Annual matching Convention Car Passenger Cars. What makes this complete set so rare is that you had to buy the TCA ABA Diesel set in 1994 and then add each car made for the next 9 annual TCA Conventions. A lot of TCA members started to collect each car after the engines first came out in 1994, but never completed the set. Part of this was because originally, TCA had only planned to have 4 passenger cars made. However, when they came out with the "City of Providence" car in 1998, TCA announced that an additional car would be made in 1999 and possibly a new engine (which turned out to be an MTH ABA Alco set in colors to match the 40th anniversary cars). In 1999, TCA added a fifth car, the "City of San Francisco" baggage car, and announced that 2 more passenger cars would be made, extending the consist to 7 cars. But in 2002, TCA came out with an eighth passenger car in the 40th anniversary livery, the "City of Chicago" combine car. Finally in 2003, TCA came out with the "City of Los Angeles" Railway Post Office Car. The RPO car was described by TCA in its announcement of the 2003 convention cars as follows: "[t]his very special car has not been previously produced by Lionel and is the first of its kind.
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