Lionel 6-12767 Steam Cleaning & Wheel Grinding Station 1992-95 C8 Was On Display

Item: Lionel Operating Steam Cleaning & Wheel Grinding Layout Accessory

Item Number: 6-12767

Year Made: 1992-93, 1995

Scale: O-Gauge

Condition: C8 Excellent Condition, layout display, WITH instruction booklet and Controller labels.

Box / Condition: Original box, shipping carton and inserts.

Description: Lionel 6-12767 Operating Steam Cleaning & Wheel Grinding Layout Accessory. This accessory was on a layout and semi-assembled but it evidently was not used. All pieces pictured and described in the instructions are present and accounted for. (with the exception of a missing bottle of smoke fluid).

This wheel grinding station features working 4 flood lights, rotating wash brushes, flashing warning lights and simulated steam cleaning and wheel grinding. As the engine passes through the structure the "steam cleaning" module blows smoke to simulate the steam cleaning of the engine, a covered "wheel grinder" module shoots sparks inside a covered, transparent housing to simulate the grinding of the locomotive's wheels and the "washing" module rotates soft cotton brushes like a giant car wash. Complete with flashing lights.

A single control (included with labels) operates all three modules which can be assembled as a single unit (as pictured) or each module can stand alone with
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