Lionel 1936 The Hiawatha,Set #755, Setboxed Orignal

This is an All Original, 1936 Lionel Streamlined Passenger Set #755 The Hiawatha. Set comes Complete with 1936 Setbox with all flaps intact. There is the 250E Engine Box, 250WX Tender Box, 782 Combine Box, 783 Coach Box 784 Observation Box along with a 67 Whistle Controller and 1936 Instruction Booklet. All the Boxes are complete with All Flaps intact and Factory Sealed on One-End except the Tender box which is missing all flaps on one end and the other end-flap is detached from the box but correctly stamped "WX". The Paint on the Set is 100% All Original and the Set is Complete with No Missing Parts or Broken Parts. The Engine Headlight Works and the Motor Hums and the E-Unit Cyles, but the Engine does Not-Run. Wheels and Gears turn Freely. This is a Nice, Complete, All-Original Hiawatha Set form 1936. Email any Questions.

inkfrog terapeak