Great condition- see pics. Turns on, runs and lights up! A little sluggish (see video), but could probably be fixed with some grease.
This is part of a large set that has as been in my family since new- no one plays with it anymore, so I hope it goes to someone else who can appreciate it.
I will be putting up more pictures soon, but feel free to email me if you are immediately interested.
I haven't had time to properly clean each piece, but I can take a Q-Tip to it before it ships.
Select "Buy it Now" for delivery by Christmas (Fede x Fees Apply) !I will be putting up the rest of my set on eBay over the next couple of days- keep checking back for new listings!
Here is a list of the full set that I have available:
1. 2028 GP-7 Engine (brown w/ Pennsylvania on side) 2. Erie Alco - Diesel AA (black) 3. Erie Alco - Diesel AA (black) 4. 2033 Union Pacific Engine 5. 2033 Union Pacific Engine 6. 685 Engine 7. Plus Tender 8. 221 Engine 9. 229 Engine 10. 520 Boxcab Electric 11. 52 Fire Car (missing Fireman, nosel needs to be glued) 12. 02689W Whistle Tender (frame only) 13. 9136 14. 6462 15. 64361 Hopper 16. 336155 Log Dump 17. 6311 Log Car 18. 6800 Flatcar w/Plane (with box) 19. 6819 Flatcar (with box) 20. 3356 Horsecar w/Corral (with box) 21. 8302 Engine and Tender 22. 9066 Caboose 23. 6357 Caboose (older) 24
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