Lionel No 2146WS No 726 No 2426W Madison Passenger Set, Set Box & OB LN

Lionel's 1948 No 2146WS No 726 Berkshire No 2426W 12 wheel tender Madison Passenger Cars No 2625 Irvington, No 2627 Madison, No 2628 Manhattan with all OB's

No 726 is in LN condition with very minute specs of paint loss. Nothing missing, crack or chipped, bent. Box and liner are complete and solid.

No 2426W Tender is the same condition as the engine. Box and liner are complete and solid.

No 2625, 2627, 2628 are all in the same LN condition. Very unusual that these have no paint loss or chips in the paint, these Don't, one has very minor box rub on one end of the roof. The original OB's are not perfect as most of them are not. All have their liners. No 2625 has the car number crossed out on both end flaps, missing on one end both tuck flaps and seam tears. No 2627 has all flaps, some tape and seam tears and one side writing. No 2628 best of the bunch, all flaps intact no tape, some seam tears. All are correct three cities.

No 2146 WS set box is complete, no tape holding any of the flaps on. One long flap has a water stain about the size of iron.One end has the number 662 wrtten above the label. Some seam tears and one end flap has some skinning where it was glued.

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