Lionel 2169WS Hudson 773 & 2426W Tender "SET" in MINT/TRO, OBs Spectacular!

Lionel Set # 2169WS Steam 773 Hudson issued ONLY in 1951, in SUPER MINT OB's TRO, The Best 1951 Hudson Set I Have ever come Across...I will call this "RARE" because "Very Few" of these 773 Set # 2169WS Boxes were ever Produced in 1951 & This SET Box Grades a TCA 9.0! See Pics. Has the Orange Label with blue printing, dated 1950. Lionel Used this Set to Clear our the remaining 1950 Sets and Hudsons with the top of the Line 2426W Heavey weight tender. All OBs Grade a TCA 8.0- 9.0++ See Pics. 773 Engine Box Grades a 9.5 with Insert. Comes with All Paper work, Too Many to list, as seen in the Photo's. Light run Time on the 773 with tender I will call this TRO, (test run Only). Just a note or two BEING Picky about Box Condition about the cattle car box, small amount of repair due to shop ware, grading it a 8.0- as is the 2426W Tender Box, Grading it a 7.0- with some Repair. Cars included are the 3656 Cattle Car, MT, Cattle Car Platform, is NEW as GOOD as it gets, as is the Unrun Car. 6456 Red Hopper, MT, 6411 Log Car MT, 3469 Auto Coal Dump Car is TRO, Probably Factory, 6457 Lionel Caboose, Painted Glossy Brown MT & Unrun. This is the First complete 773 Freight Hudson set from 1951 I Have ever come across. See Pics. Engine and tender could use a slight Detailing due to box dust. Spectacular Black matte Paint on the Hudson Boiler ... read more