LIONEL #2274W GG-1 "Congressional" Set from 1956 LN/OBs Collector Quality!

If you are a postwar Lionel collector, this is as good as it gets! The #2274w passenger set headed by the tuscan, five-striped GG-1 was the Top-of the-Line set in 1956. The set consists of everything you see in the photos: #2360 Pennsylvania dual-motored GG-1 , #2541 Alexander Hamilton observation, #2542 Betsy Ross vista dome, #2543 William Penn pullman, and #2544 Molly Pitcher pullman. All pieces are C8 in complete original boxes with ALL flaps, even the coupler-protection flaps on the passenger car boxes. Each passenger car is wrapped in Lionel paper. The engine box #2360-10 by National in Long Island City has the correct "56" on it. The box insert AND a padded strip which surrounds and cushions the GG-1 in the box is also present. The setbox is complete with all flaps attached, no tape, but does have some black marker notations on the flaps, no doubt authored by the original owner.Paperwork includes the correct instruction sheet for the 2360 GG-1, How to Operate Lionel Trains booklet, a 24-page pamphlet on The New Lionel Accessories, and six uncut billboards. Please ask any questions you might have before bidding. I am a long-time TCA member, and I guarantee your satisfaction. This set will be available for delivery at the York TCA show in October if the buyer wishes.