Lionel # 2293 W -GG-1 Freight Set-1957-Set Boxed-C-8

Offered for sale, is a super, Lionel # 2293 W GG-1 Freight Set from 1957. It featured the rubber stamped version of the GG-1 Electric Locomotive, and five freight cars. The set is in great C-8 condition, with all trains in collector condition. The rubber stamped # 2360 GG-1 has nice stripes, and has sharp lettering. It has been run, but not abused. The decals are intact, and there is no paint chipping along the bottom of the engine. The cars are a # 6414 Auto Loader, a # 3650 Searchlight Extension Car in the rarer dark gray, a # 6518 Transformer Car, a # 3662 Operating Milk Car, and a # 6417-1 Pennsylvania Caboose, in the rare No New York Zone version. All trains are C-8 in condition, and are beautifully boxed. The boxes are all C-9-C-9.5's. The engine is in the correct 1957 box, and is a C-8. The set box is a solid C-8-C8.5, with all flaps present. There is one tear at the edge of one long flap, but it is only a few inches long. All track is included. missing are the inserts for the GG-1, The Milk Car, The Searchlight Car, and the Transformer Car. The Transformer Car's Insulators are unbroken,and the No New York Zone Caboose is almost perfect. The Dark Gray Searchlight Car is missing the crank, but it will be provided. The variation cars in this set are well documented, and this is one of the most sought after Super O Sets.