LIONEL 6-22966 O-27 Add-on Track Pack #1 - Figure 8

Lionel Add-On 0-27 Gauge Figure 8 Track Pack
Brand new in box
Part # 6-22966

This is the O-27 Gauge Figure 8 Add-On Track Pack (#1) from Lionel.
FEATURES: Expanding your O-27 gauge layout never got any easier!
Easy to use, extremely durable and very reliable track.
Designed for maximum conductivity.
These metal tubular rails are shaped to minimize the wear and tear
wheels take from rolling over metal rails.
You'll never have to worry about loose connections or sections
This track comes standard in all Lionel ready-to-run starter sets.
27" diameter curves so you can do more in a tighter space.
Assembly instructions included.
INCLUDES: One 90-Degree Crossover
Four Curved Sections
REQUIRES: An Existing Starter Set Oval of Track
SPECS: Gauge: O-27
Crossover Size: 7-3/8" x 7-3/8